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Simalube - Buy in the UK from Flexilube Ltd.
Simalube IMPULSE: Increase the pressure of your Simalube to 10Bar for extended pumping range.IMPULSE
Flexilube are an Official UK Distributor for Simatec ag in Switzerland. Manufacturers of Simalube Automatic Lubricators, Simatherm Induction Heaters and Simatool Bearing Tool Kits.
Flexilube are not a 'Jack of all products, master of none', we do not sell 10,000 different products with limited knowledge of all of them, we ONLY sell Simatec products, so you can be sure of complete manufacturer backed expertise and support.
Buying Simalube direct from Flexilube reduces your costs, and gives you expert advice & backup from the manufacturer with a quicker turnaround on orders.
We are dedicated to supporting your business with our products & services, offering the very latest in:
  • Simalube - Single Point Automatic Lubricator systems designed to protect your equipment, reduce downtime & costs, enabling you to increase your productivity. Flexilube ensure that your plant is correctly lubricated 24 hours a day, seven days a week leaving you to focus on other more productive tasks.
  • Impulsesimalube® IMPULSE is the perfect complement to the tried-andtested simalube lubricator – wherever high pressure is required. Simply affix the simalube® IMPULSE to the lubrication point, then screw on and activate the desired simalube lubricator. That is all it takes to overcome counter pressures of up to 10 bar. No further adjustments need to be made to the device. The LED display provides information at all times on the condition and functionality of the simalube.
  • FlexPump - The FlexPump lubrication system is an extremely compact lubrication unit for oils and greases up to NLGI class 2. The lubrication system works either autonomously with a battery back or using an external voltage supply (24 VDC).Dependent on the version, FlexPump has up to four outlets and is thus optimally suited for uses with multiple lubricating points.Grease and Oil Cartridges with a wide range of Lubricants are available in either 250ml or 400ml sizes.FlexPump is suitable for the simple and reliable supply of lubrication to bearings, linear guides, chains and open tooth systems, for which special lubricating pinions and lubricating gearwheels are available.Due to the compact dimensions, the  FlexPump is optimally suited for upgrades or retro-fit
  • Simatherm - Induction Heaters, simatec manufactures induction heaters for work pieces from tiny Ball Bearings up to 4'000 kg Bearings and Rings. Including the New Volcano - The worlds first truely portable Induction Heater.
  • Simatool - Tool sets that enable fast mounting and dismounting of roller bearings and radial shaft seals. They are used successfully throughout the world in the mechanical engineering industry, in maintenance workshops and practically all other branches of industry. Reduce failure, mount and dismount properly.
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