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Wind Turbines:
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Maintenance and the correct supply of lubricant to lubrication points are essential on Wind Turbines and directly affect the profitability of the site.
Regardless of the type of construction, every Wind Turbine has a large number of lubrication points which have to be maintained at regular intervals.
Wind Turbines are often located in remote areas. This represents a great challenge on maintenance departments.
High temperature fluctuations, moisture, humidity and varying wind forces place extreme loads on the components of a Wind Turbine. To avoid corrosion as well as abrasion, lubricants must be provided at the right time and in the correct amount.
On a global scale thousands of Wind Turbines have been successfully equipped with simalube.The use of simalubesubstantially prolongs the life span of the components.
Simalube gives you:
Lubricants specially designed for the use in open air environment
Environmentally friendly due to optimised consumption of lubricant and recyclable units
Reduced maintenance cost
Increased operational safety
Increased mean time between failures
Massive reduction in shut-down of machines during maintenance
Easy installation
Lubrication points can be maintained up to one year, with flexible time settings of 1 to 12 months
Can be used in saltwater regions
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Typical Wind Turbine applications for Simalube Lubricators.
Typical Wind Turbine applications for Simalube Lubricators.
■ Rotor blade adjustment
■ Pitch drive
■ Rotor blade bearing and shaft
■ Main drive shaft
■ Generator
■ Gear wheel to adjust the nacelle
■ Azimuth drive
■ Gear box
■ Actuator
Main Drive Shaft Lubrication
Main Drive Shaft Lubrication
Detailed photo: Lubrication of the main shaft bearing using two 250ml units.
The units are manifolded together to reduce the change frequency to once a year.
Generator Bearing Lubrication
Generator Bearing Lubrication
Bearing lubrication of the generator Drive End Bearing, using a 250ml lubricator set to last for 12 months.
A small financial outlay on Simalube can reap huge savings in: Manpower, Routine Maintenance Costs and Expensive Catastrophic Failures.
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